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Information about SE-JHR
Last update: 24 Jul 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: S-433
Year: 1981
Last known operator:
This helicopter was imported to Sweden by Nya Skyline Helikopter in early-2003, registered SE-JHR on 2 January. It was constructed back in 1981 and was operative in Germany and Norway before it came to Sweden. Skyline purchased the twin engined machine to be able to carry out night-time tasks for the military. In fact the military stands for approx 60-70% of Skylines activities, mainly providing airborne medevac, firefighting and tactical transport. From 14 May 2004 and throughout the summer the aircraft was leased by the Norwegian air-ambulance company Norsk Luftambulanse AS, based in Lørenskog, while waiting for NLA's new EC135 to arrive.

As Skyline purchased the utility company Osterman Helicopter and united the activities of the two companies in October 2005 - giving the new company the name Osterman Helicopter - this aircraft became a member of the Osterman Helicopter fleet.

The helicopter was sold to Ex-Change Parts i Borlänge AB in 2007 and scrapped later the same year.
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