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Information about SE-JHL
Last update: 18 Jul 2013
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 2878
Year: 1995
Last known operator:
This helicopter was constructed by Eurocopter in Marseilles and was finished in June 1995. It was equipped for police purposes and got based at Schiphol-Oost in the Netherlands (reg. PH-PLA).
In the spring of 2002 the helicopter was sold to Emmen based Heli-Holland. They operated the aircraft in a year before Malmskogens Helikopterleasing AB purchased the helicopter and brought it to Sweden in March 2003. As soon as the helicopter arrived in Sweden it got leased by the Swedish operator Helinord AB, based in northern Sweden. It was used for heliski purposes in Kittelfjäll throughout the winter and spring, and was then returned to Malmskogens Helikopterleasing AB. The aircraft had then accumulated approx 300 hours in Sweden, just passing 3000 hours in total flight time.

In early June 2004 the helicopter was leased by a Finnish company, which used the helicopter for liming and manuring during the summer. The aircraft was later sold to the Finnish company.

SE-JHL was sold to Malmskogens Aerocenter AB from Tampereen Helikopterikeskus Oy in October 2012. It was operated by Oy Flyboy Ltd for the Swedish sales company Helikopterlyft AB in the summer of 2013.
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