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Information about SE-JHI
Last update: 8 Jan 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 3650
Year: 2003
Last known operator:
This aircraft was purchased by Stenvalls Trä AB, owner of Kallax Flyg AB, in 2003. It arrived to Sweden in mid March and was registered as SE-JHI a couple of days later. The first mission carried out with the helicopter was the filming of Kjell Sundvalls movie "Hotet" ("The Threat") in the areas around Vidsel, in Norrbotten County. To carry out the task SE-JHI was equipped with a nose mounted camera leased from a company in USA.

SE-JHI was used for a wide variety of missions, including air taxi, icebreaker operations, rocket payload recovery and sling-load operations. It was mostly based in Piteå and Kiruna.

SE-JHI was exported to Norway in late-2007.
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