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Information about SE-JGV
Last update: 4 Jul 2015
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1130
Year: 1979
Last known operator:
JA9235, N930M
This helicopter was constructed back in 1979. It was then operated in Japan as JA9235 for more than 20 years. It was exported to Corbett Aviation, New Castle, in the US in 2003 (reg. N930M). After some maintenance in the states the machine was exported to BN Construction in Sweden. It came here during the early summer of 2003 and was registered SE-JGV on 27 June. The aircraft was dryleased to HeliNord Norden AB within a couple of months after the delivery and was operated by the company throughout the winter. The helicopter was then returned and Malmskogens Aerocenter in Linköping.
The rather new company Copterflyg AB dryleased the machine in the summer of 2004.

SE-JGV went through a major make-over in the winter of 2005/06, where it was upgraded to a BA version. It got a brand new interior and a fresh external livery. The aircraft was operated by BNC Heli for a few years. It was based at Malmskogens Aerocenter in Linköping and was mainly used for taxi and aerial works, such as pylon mounting and other high-precision tasks.

SE-JGV was leased by HeliAir Sweden in 2008.

The aircraft was sold to to Heli i Arjeplog AB in March 2011. It moved from Linköping to the base in Arjeplog and was initially put in service in heli ski operations.
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