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Information about SE-JGT
Last update: 15 Dec 2016
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 5087
Year: 1981
Last known operator:
This aircraft was assembled by Aérospatiale back in 1981. It spent its first 15 years in the US prior to being imported to Sweden in 1996. The helicopter became the third AS355 in Sweden, after SE-JET and SE-JDM.

Pilot Aram Rubinstein, later CEO of HeliAir Sweden, made the delivery flight between Texas and Gotenburg in late 1996. The journey passed through parts of USA, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and northern Denmark before reaching Sweden.

N1CG was repainted into a yellow livery and obtained its Swedish registration, SE-JGT, in January 1997, registered to the Aerospatiale dealer Karlebo Aviation. The ownership was later transferred to the company Swede-Copter KB in Mölnlycke, Gothenburg.

SE-JGT was stationed in a private hangar in the Rådanäs region, moments south-east of Gothenburg. It was leased to the large operator Osterman Helicopter for some jobs, and it even spent some time in Spain, where a local operator leased it for map photography operations for three months. The aircraft was damaged in an accident in Mölnlycke on 21 June 1999.

SE-JGT was later sold to the US. It was cancelled from the Swedish register in March 2000 and showed up in the American register in July 2001, registered to Capital Aviation in Lawrence, Kansas. The aircraft was exported to Canada in December 2003, and later spent some time in Costa Rica before returning to Canada again.
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