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Information about SE-JGR
Last update: 9 Jan 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 3563
Year: 2002
Last known operator:
This aircraft was constructed in 2002, ordered by the Norwegian company Airlift AS. It was painted in Airlift's colours and even marked with the company name, but since the need for a B3 helicopter was higher in Sweden and Airlift was (is) owned by the same owner as Osterman Helicopter (Norwegian Helicopter Transportation Group) the machine was transferred to Osterman Helicopter and based in Östersund instead. The machine arrived in July 2002 and was registered SE-JGR later the same month.
The helicopter first came to be used for taxi and aerial transports but was mainly involved in lime-wash operations all around Sweden throughout 2003. SE-JGR can currently be seen marked "Osterman Helicopter" as it carries out aerial works all over Sweden.

SE-JGR was purchased by the Hudiksvall based limewash company Airlift Helicopter AB in mid-2005. It was exported to Norway in 2006.
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