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Information about SE-JFZ
Last update: 9 Jan 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1011
Year: 1998
Last known operator:
This helicopter was purchased by Jämtlands Flyg AB and imported to Sweden via Karlebo Aviation AB in September 1998. As it arrived it replaced an earlier Bell Jet Ranger, SE-HGD. The machine came to be one of the very first EC 120s put in commercial service worldwide. In fact Jämtlandsflyg rapidly came to be the leading Colibri operator as it held the highest flight time in a individual Colibri throughout the world the first year. In addition to the flight time the helicopter also operated in the coldest and harshest environment a Colibri had experienced this far. SE-JFZ was the most experienced EC120 for a long time, and people from Eurocopter often visited the base to perform winter trials. In April 2000 Eurocopter France purchased the machine to be able to take a closer look at it back at the factory in Marseilles.

A replacement Colibri, SE-JHZ, was delivered a month later, followed by yet another EC 120, SE-JMZ, the same summer. The machines were mostly used for aerial taxi, powerline inspection, agricultural work and wildlife conservation. The Colibri soon became a central characteristic in Jämtlands Flyg's fleet, which pays high attention to the nature and the magnificent environment surrounding its everyday operations.
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