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Information about SE-JFV
Last update: 9 Jan 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 2008M
Year: 1991
Last known operator:
This helicopter was manufactured in the Robinson factory in Torrance, California, back in 1991. It was first operated in Denmark as OY-HFO, but was purchased by a Swedish owner in April 1999, registered SE-JFV. In 2000 a company named HelikopterTornet AB acquired the machine, replacing its earlier R22 SE-JGN. The Swedish Robinson dealer, Helicopter Assistance, had operated the helicopter ever since the arrival to Sweden and continued to use it when HelikopterTornet acquired the machine.
In 2001 the helicopter was sent to AeroService in Karlskoga for a major overhaul. The helicopter came back in mid-2002, looking like an entirely new machine. Except all the technical infringements the helicopter had also got a new exterior look (red instead of red-orange) and had got its interior changed from brown tone to a blue colour.

The helicopter was frequently seen in the Stockholm area, operated by Helicopter Assistance AB at Bromma Airport. It was mainly used for flight training, but also carried out photo-, taxi- and sightseeing tasks. As mentioned earlier SE-JFV was owned by HelikopterTornet AB. HelikopterTornet is an experienced helicopter owner that has owned several machines (currently owning SE-JNN).

SE-JFV was sold to Finland in July 2005 and got the registration OH-HSL.
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