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Information about SE-JFT
Last update: 9 Jan 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 3312
Year: 2000
Last known operator:
This helicopter was purchased by Osterman Helicopter in year 2000. It was registered on 25 July the same year. About the same time as the company had ordered the helicopter they acquired the helicopter company Heliflyg AB and thereby became the largest helicopter operator in Sweden. When SE-JFT arrived to Sweden the company allready had a large number of machines, but that didn't leave SE-JFT unemployed. The photo below to your left was taken by me a few weeks after the delivery. The tail of the helicopter was left unmarked for a while since the company had still not found out the proper name of the new united company.
Osterman Helicopter was purchased by the utility company Skyline Helikopter in mid-2005.

SE-JFT was sold to Norway in early-2008.
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