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Information about SE-JFP
Last update: 26 Mar 2018
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 0105
Year: 1999
Last known operator:
This helicopter was delivered to Osterman Helicopter in Sweden from the Eurocopter Deutschland factory in Germany in January 2000 and put in service as primary EMS helicopter in Stockholm, Ambulans 998, a few months later (replacing SE-JUP). The helicopter was operated in the region for a couple of years before Lufttransport Svenska AB (later Scandinavian MediCopter) took over the activity and purchased a new EC135T2 (SE-JFN) in 2002. The machines were used together in a couple of years before the backup helicopter system in Stockholm was cancelled by the regional County Council. The helicopter was sold in November 2004.

SE-JFP was exported to SHS Helicopter Transporte in Austria, where it entered service as an EMS helicopter. The helicopter was later sold to Skymedia AG in Switzerland (based in Lauterbrunnen). It was registered HB-ZIR in 2013. The ownership was changed to Air Glaciers SA in 2014.

On 24 March 2018, HB-ZIR was badly damaged in an accident in the region of the Great St. Bernard, southern Switzerland. The aircraft was involved in an avalanche rescue operation when something went wrong and the airframe impacted the ground and came to rest on a snow covered hill side. All people involved in the accident survived.
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