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Information about SE-JFN
Last update: 26 Mar 2018
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 0214
Year: 2002
Last known operator:
SE-JFN was constructed as an EC 135 T-1A at Eurocopter Deutschland's factory in Donauwörth, Germany, in 2001. It had been ordered by the Swedish company Osterman Helicopter to replace its Bell 212 as backup ambulance helicopter in Stockholm County. SE-JFN was flown to Patria Ostermans Aeros maintenance facilities at Arlanda airport in Sweden early in February 2002. After a few months of EMS modifications and new electronic installations it was approved by the Swedish Swedish Aviation Safety Authority (Luftfartsinspektionen), on 31 May 2002.

It soon entered service as backup ambulance helicopter in Stockholm County, designated "Ambulans 994". During the time SE-JFN had been delivered to Sweden the Norwegian company Lufttransport AS had purchased Osterman Helicopter's ambulance activities in Stockholm and Östersund, including all aircraft, but it didn't affect the county's activities. SE-JFN was used throughout the summer, together with the ordinary ambulance helicopter, an EC 135T1 registered SE-JFP (Ambulans 998).

Since Ambulans 994 is only in service between 15 May and 15 September each year the helicopter was used as a stand-in aircraft for Ambulans 998 when SE-JFP (and the other machines in the organisation) went through maintenance services and so on. The next summer, in 2003, the helicopter was mainly used as Ambulans 998, while SE-JFP was used as Ambulans 994.

On 5 December 2003 the helicopter was flown to Eurocopter Deutschland's factory in Donauwörth for an engine modification. A week later, on 12 December, it was flown back to Sweden, this time as an EC 135 T2 - making it the very first T2-version in Sweden.

This far the helicopter has flown an average of approx 50 hours per month and done approx 240 landings in the same period, which is quite good! In 2002 the ambulance base in Stockholm set an "all-time-high" record in the number of emergency calls. Approx 2 560 missions were carried out with Ambulans 998, approx 440 with Ambulans 994 and approx 520 with the activity's own "emergency car", which ends up in a total of approx 3 500 emergency calls!

Lufttransport changed name to Scandinavian MediCopter (Scandinavian Air Ambulance) in 2008.

Scandinavian MediCopter purchased a new EC 135P2+ in 2008 (SE-JIE). The aircraft replaced SE-JFN as Ambulans 998, which made JFN a backup helicopter (A994).

SE-JFN was leased to a company in southern Europe in 2009-2010, but returned in May of 2010 in order to enter service as summer day-time EMS helicopter in Stockholm (a complement to SE-JIE, which flew H24).

On 30 November 2016 Scandinavian MediCopter changed its name to Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance as part of a global branding synchronization with the owner Babcock International Group. The new profile included a new logotype, but the operation and the structure of the company remained the same.
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