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Information about SE-JFC
Last update: 17 Feb 2013
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 760481
Year: 1997
Last known operator:
SE-JFC was constructed in late-1997. It was delivered to the Swedish company HelikopterService Euro Air AB, based in Helsingborg, and registered SE-JFC on 16 January 1998. The helicopter was put in service as a passenger carrier on the routes between Helsingborg, Malmö and Kastrup Airport in Denmark. It was even used between Kastrup and Halmstad for a shorter while as well. Business got bad for heli-born passenger transports in the area when the Öresund Bridge was opened in 2000.

SE-JFC was sold to the Norwegian off-shore company Norsk Helikopter A/S in early-2002, and cancelled from the Swedish registration on 8 February 2002. On 20 December 2002 HelikopterService Euro Air closed its entire liner traffic due to lack of passengers.

Norsk Helikopter A/S, based at Sola Airport in Stavanger, used the helicopter (LN-ONY) for one and a half year before they sold it to a company in October 2003 (reg 5N-BGC). While operated in Norway it was one of two S-76s ever registered in the country!
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