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Information about SE-JEH
Last update: 27 Mar 2011
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1542
Year: 1969
Last known operator:
This aircraft was first registered in Sweden back in June 1998, purchased from the Royal Dutch Air Force by Heli-Support Sweden AB. It went through a major maintenance make-over and was sold to Polarflyg AB in September the same year. When Polarflyg went bankrupt in 2002 Euro-Pole AB acquired the machine, dry-leasing it to Jämtlands Aero AB. SE-JEH was in service with the company for a couple of years before Osterman Helicopter AB took over Jämtlands Aero's operational and technical management and thereby decided to abolish the Alouette from its operations.

A few months later, in July of 2004, the experienced Alouette operator HeliNord Norden AB purchased the machine. It was put in service in northern Sweden together with its new sister-machine SE-HTH.

The aircraft was lost during a flight training mishap on 4th of September 2007. The two occupants walked away with minor injuries.
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