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Information about SE-JDY
Last update: 12 Aug 2018
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1114
Year: 2000
Last known operator:
This aircraft was ordered by Borlänge-based Heliflyg AB and was constructed by Eurocopter in Marginane (France) during the spring of year 2000. It was registered F-WDQE for a short while, for test flights only. It was delivered in the middle of the summer and was registered SE-JDY on 16 August 2000. As the helicopter was about to be delivered to Heliflyg the Gothenburg-based company Osterman Helicopter AB acquired Heliflyg AB. In other words SE-JDY never got to fly as a Heliflyg helicopter (only during the delivery, when it was marked "Heliflyg"), instead it entered service with Osterman Helicopter.

Osterman operated the aircraft for five years - mainly using it for powerline inspections, taxi flights, and some light-weight aerial works. It was sold to Westhelicopter AB in September of 2005. It's used for pretty much the same kind of missions these days.

Westhelicopter was purchased by Kallax Flyg in July 2015. At that time Kallaxflyg had a fleet of 10 helicopters and Westhelicopter had 7 helicopters. The two companies had their main offices located only 40 kilometres apart, but they were administered as parallel companies for the first months.

SE-JDY was transferred to Kallax Flyg's fleet in November 2015. It was re-branded in February 2016. Westhelicopter was retired in early 2016.

SE-JDY left Kallax Flyg for STORM Heliworks in May 2018. It was repainted into the same livery as the new sister ship SE-JDT.
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