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Information about SE-JDS
Last update: 12 Feb 2016
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1025
Year: 1999
Last known operator:
This aircraft was manufactured by Eurocopter in Marginane, France, back in 1999. It was purchased by Heliflyg AB (financed by GE Capital Equipment Finance AB), via the Eurocopter dealer Michael Savbäck AB, and brought to Sweden the same year. It was registered SE-JDS on May 4, 1999. SE-JDS was the second EC120 delivered to Heliflyg AB (after SE-JDP), and the fourth one in entire Sweden. The first EC120 operators were Jämtlands Flyg and Osterman Helicopter.

In year 2000 the owner of the company Osterman Helicopter AB, Scandinavian Helicopter Group, acquired Heliflyg AB and united the two companies. The machine became the property of Osterman Helicopter, but remained based in the areas around Östersund and Borlänge.

The aircraft was purchased by the Hemavan based company Westhelicopter AB in January 2003. It was repainted to a new red paint scheme in early-2004.

Westhelicopter was purchased by Kallax Flyg in July 2015. At that time Kallaxflyg had a fleet of 10 helicopters and Westhelicopter had 7 helicopters. The two companies had their main offices located only 40 kilometres apart, but they were administered as parallel companies for the first months.

SE-JDS was transferred to Kallax Flyg's fleet in November 2015. Westhelicopter was retired in early 2016.
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