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Information about SE-JDM
Last update: 9 Jan 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 5172
Year: 1982
Last known operator:
N57973, N302PS
This aircraft was manufactured in 1982 and was sold to a company in the US the same year. It was operated in the country in nearly 14 years before it was sold to Pro-Management i Göteborg AB. The "Twin Star" was registered SE-JDM on 3 January 1996. Six months later the Norwegian company Blackbird AS purchased the machine, but kept it registered in Sweden as it was operated by the Swedish company European Helicopter Center AB. The Oslo-based Norwegian company Realverdi Eiendom AS acquired the machine on 16 April 1999. It spent much of its time in AeroService's maintenance facilities at Karlskoga airfield.
It was exported to France in 2006.
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