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Information about SE-JCK
Last update: 10 Jan 2011
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 6090
Year: 1983
Last known operator:
SE-JCK arrived to Sweden in December 1995. It was purchased from Bond Helicopter in UK, where it operated under the registration G-BKXE. Bond had purchased the helicopter from France, where it had been built back in 1983. The French registration for this helicopter was F-WMHG.

In Sweden the helicopter was rapidly put in service as an EMS-helicopter for Jämtlands County Council, replacing a Bell 212 which had been used for twin engine ambulance helicopter trials. The SE-JCK, owned and operated by Heliflyg AB from the city of Östersund, was first ment to be used for trials in Jämtlands County Council but it was so good that they never replaced it. When Osterman Helicopter AB purchased Heliflyg AB in June 2000 the helicopter changed owner, but the operation remained the same. In 2001 the Norwegian company Lufttransport AB (later Scandinavian MediCopter AB) purchased Ostermans ambulance activities in Stockholm and Östersund, but once again the operation remained the same.

The XE-mark above the two air inlets origins from the time when Bond operated the helicopter in UK and has been preserved as a souvenir. The helicopter is operated under the callsign "Ambulans Z994" when it's in service as ambulance helicopter in Jämtlands County Council.

As the local county council's contract with Lufttransport was prolonged in mid-2005 a more powerful Dauphin was required. SE-JCK was retired in January of 2006 and replaced by an N2 version, SE-JIC.

SE-JCK was used as back-up EMS helicopter and a Dauphin trainer. It was in duty as day-time summer helicopter "Ambulans 994" in Stockholm during the summer of 2007. A994 was a complement to the full-time machine, "Ambulans 998" (SE-JFN).

SE-JCK was retired and grounded for good in 2008. The airframe is used as a spare part inventory at Scandinavian MediCopter's base in Östersund.
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