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Information about SE-JBS
Last update: 30 Aug 2012
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Aircraft Data
S/N: S-643
Year: 1983
Last known operator:
D-HDTM, N2785X
This helicopter was constructed back in 1983. It was purchased in February 1992 by SOS Helikoptern Gotland AB, destined to enter service as ambulance helicopter on the island of Gotland. In April the same year the ambulance helicopter base was established. It was the first permanent HEMS base in Sweden. In one year (1992-1993) the helicopter flew 262 hours in EMS missions.
On 31 October 1994 the helicopter crashed, killing all three onboard. It had left a patient in Stockholm and was headed back to Gotland when it suddenly disappeared in the sea, close to Visby. The reason for the crash was explained to be a combination of poor weather and deficient instrument supervision.
The helicopter was replaced by the BK 117 SE-JUL, which entered service in 1995.
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