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Information about SE-JBN
Last update: 1 Jun 2015
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1684
Year: 1983
Last known operator:
This aircraft was constructed by Aérospatiale back in 1983. It spent 25 years in Japan before it reached Sweden in 2008. It was purchased by the owner of BNC Heli through Malmskogens Aerocenter, and the aircraft was painted in a red livery that had shapes that reminded of the blue sister ship SE-JGV.

The helicopter was never active in BNC Heli before HeliAir Sweden opened its operations in 2008. SE-JBN soon joined HeliAir, and it was initially stationed at Bromma Airport in Stockholm.

SE-JBN was the backbone of HeliAir as the company rapidly grew to become one of the largest helicopter operators in Sweden. The helicopter was primarily used for gyro filming and taxi flights, but it was also used for sling load operations and thermography operations, as well as other jobs.

Following a total make-over in the autumn of 2011 the helicopter became the first AS 350B in the world to be equipped with both EVS (Enhanced Visual System) and a full glass-cockpit.

SE-JBN operated in a wide range of operations through large parts of Scandinavia from the main base in Västerås.

The helicopter was exported to Germany in May 2015. It was replaced by an AS350B3 (SE-JPI) a few weeks later.
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