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Information about SE-JBJ
Last update: 16 Mar 2014
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 0005
Year: 1993
Last known operator:
This helicopter was constructed in 1993 and flown in the US as N6122U before it was exported to the Swedish Schweizer dealer SAAB Helikopter AB. It was used as a demo aircraft for several years and was eventually sold to the power line inspection company Rehnström Aero AB. A second 330 helicopter (SE-JGS) was purchased a few years later and a third one was acquired in 2005. At its time, Rehnström was the only Schweizer 333 operator in Scandinavia.

Rehnströ Aero was sold to HeliAir Sweden AB in 2008, and the helicopter was included in the deal.

The aircraft was sold to a private owner (YAK Aero) in mid-2010. It was soon leased to the Estonian company HolMar in Tallinn.
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