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Information about SE-JBC
Last update: 7 Jun 2017
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 7228
Year: 1992
Last known operator:
In early-1993 Heliflyg AB was appointed winner of a new attractive EMS helicopter contract in Stockholm County, which was a result of a long evaluation period. The County Council had decided that they wanted two helicopters for the operation, including one BK 117. The decision to use the BK 117 was based on trials that were conducted in 1992, where one helicopter type a month was evaluated for a total of six months. Heliflyg used a leased BK 117 (SE-JBK) for the trials, but that helicopter had to be returned to Canada in 1993.

A new leasing machine (D-HIMT) was brought in by Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH to fill the need for BK 117s.

The primary EMS helicopter for Stockholm, SE-JBC, was delivered in March of 1993. The helicopter, which was purchased by Heliflyg, had been constructed as a B1 version in 1992 and converted to a B2 prior to the delivery. The helicopter soon entered service as EMS helicopter A998 together with D-HIMT at the newly established base in Gustavsberg, moments east of Stockholm.

A third leasing machine (SE-JBG) arrived in July of 1993, replacing D-HIMT. The two white BK 117s (JBC and JBG) worked together from mid-1993 to mid-1994. JBC was marked with number "1" and JBG got number "2". SE-JBG was replaced by a company owned Bell 412 (SE-JBI) in April 1994.

Osterman Helicopter
The EMS deal between Heliflyg and the County Council ended in 1996, and the company Osterman Helicopter AB won the renewal process of the contract. Osterman purchased SE-JBC by Eurocopter through a leasing bank in mid-1996. The helicopter was painted all-red by the maintenance company Ostermans Aero AB at Barkaby Airfield in Stockholm. The colour had been chosen by the County Council.

SE-JBC was put in service together with a Bell 212 (SE-JLP), which had replaced Heliflyg's Bell 412 (SE-JBI). The red BK was a common sight in the Stockholm area. The BK 117 was involved in one incident at the Stockholm South General Hospital in the late-90s. The aircraft stood on the helipad as another helicopter (SE-JLP) hovered too near and damaged SE-JBC. The BK was brought to Gustavsberg by truck and soon returned to service.

The BK grew old and the County Council had decided that they wanted a new and quiet helicopter type. Eurocopter had just introduced the EC 135 to the market and the type was selected as a replacement to the BK 117. Osterman purchased the fifth example of the EC 135, serial number 0005. The helicopter, which was given the registration SE-JUP, touched down in Gustavsberg in January of 1999 and soon replaced SE-JBC as EMS helicopter "Ambulans 998".

SE-JBC took off from Gustavsberg for the very last time on 1st of March 1999. It was flown by a German pilot and had obtained the German registration D-HMMM. It soon entered service as an EMS helicopter with Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht.
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