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Information about SE-JAP
Last update: 24 Sep 2015
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Aircraft Data
S/N: S.1333
Year: 1988
Last known operator:
This helicopter was constructed back in 1988. It was first operated by Fuchs Helikopter in Switzerland for a couple of years before it was imported to Sweden by SAAB Helikopter AB in January of 1991. It was operated by SAAB for a year and a half before it was leased by Eslöv based Skåneflyg AB. The company used the aircraft for power line inspections and crop dusting.

Dala Helikopter purchased the helicopter in October of 1994. It was mainly based at the main base in Särna and in town of Rättvik, but it could frequently be seen throughout the province of Dalarna and its neighbouring districts. It was mainly used for plant settings, reindeer herdings, census flights and photographic missions.

Dala Helikopter closed its business in 2010, and SE-JAP came to be stored at the former main hangar in Särna. It was ground run on a permanent basis in order to remain in a flyable condition. The helicopter eventually lost its airworthiness.

In 2015 SE-JAP was transported to Linköping, where it went through a major overhaul and regained its airworthiness, after which it was offered for sale.
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