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Information about SE-JAI
Last update: 9 Jan 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: S.1529
Year: 1991
Last known operator:
This helicopter was constructed in USA back in 1991 and imported to Sweden by SAAB Helikopter AB the same year. It was used by Bromma Flygskola for pilot training between 1992-1994, before it was sold to Laroy Flyg AB. Laroy leased the aircraft to Osterman Helicopter, which used SE-JAI in Norway for a while.
It was leased to a Norwegian company (Helilift) in 1995 and was operated under the registration LN-OMF until it returned to Sweden as SE-JAI in January 1996.

The helicopter was owned by various private owners before it was sold to Piteå based Kallax Flyg AB in November 2001. It was put in service as a trainer in Kallax Flygs own flight school. The company also used it for reinder herding and inventory flights.

The helicopter was destroyed in an accident on 30 January 2003, when it rolled over during a pilot training. Neither the student or his instructor received any injuries. The accident was the outcome when one of the skids became caught under a hard layer of snow. The helicopter was wrecked.
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