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Information about SE-HVY
Last update: 7 Aug 2016
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 97-0188D
Year: 1977
Last known operator:
This aircraft was constructed back in 1977. It came to Sweden in 1990, owned by Probo Leasing AB and operated by Luleå based Norrsåg Råvara AB.
It was purchased by HT Helikopter Transport AB in July of 1991 and soon entered service as a power line inspector. HT was specialized in power line inspections and that's what the helicopter came to be used for the rest of its career.

SE-HVY was lost in an accident in October 2005. The aircraft was taking off from a field in Lundsbrunn (east of Lidköping) when the engine compressor suddenly failed. The helicopter lost all its power and impacted the ground instantly. Fortunately the experienced pilot, which was the only person onboard, managed to escape without any injuries. The helicopter was substantially damaged.

The wreckage of SE-HVY was inherited by HeliAir Sweden AB and it was stored at Västerås Airport for many years. It was sold to the US in June 2016.
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