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Information about SE-HVS
Last update: 30 Oct 2015
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Aircraft Data
S/N: S.1418
Year: 1990
Last known operator:
This aircraft was constructed in the U.S. back in late-1989. It was shipped to SAAB Helikopter in Nyköping, Sweden, in early-1990 and was registered SE-HVS in March the same year. It was operated by SAAB Helikopter for a couple of years before it was sold to a company in Valbo and used by Gävle Flight Club. It was returned to SAAB Helikopter in 1994 and was sold to a private owner in 1998.

The helicopter was involved in an accident in Borlänge in August of 2000. The machine settled with power during a private flight and crashed in a swamp. The two occupants managed to escape uninjured.

The aircraft was eventually rebuilt to a flying condition at the maintenance shop Dala Airtech in Borlänge. It regained its airworthiness in 2004.

It did eventually enter service with the flight training organization Northern Helicopters. The aircraft was used for various training purposes, including night flying. Except for being approved for night operations, the helicopter was also equipped with a cargo hook. The helicopter left Northern Helicopter's fleet in ~2014.

The helicopter is owned by a private owner in Östergötland.
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