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Information about SE-HVJ
Last update: 24 Jun 2013
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 51259
Year: 1988
Last known operator:
N911SB, JA9774
This aircraft was constructed by Bell Helicopter Textron back in 1988. It was initially registered N911SB in the US, but quickly found its way to Japan as JA9774. The helicopter served with the Japanese police for the next two-and-a-half decades. It was based at Osaka, where it served with the local police.

[l403]In mid-2012 the genuine old Swedish operator Fiskflyg was looking or a Long Ranger for its expansion in Kvikkjokk. A temporary helicopter, SE-HTR, was used at the Kvikkjokk base this summer, but the need for a permanent helicopter was imminent. At this time, JA9774 was retired from its services with the Osaka Police, and it was purchased in the autumn of 2012.

The fully equipped ex-police aircraft arrived in Porjus on 3 December 2012. The helicopter carried a rescue hoist, a powerful SX-16 searchlight, loudspeakers and a lot of police equipment. Fiskflyg’s staff stripped the aircraft and performed a 1200-hour inspection and some cosmetic refurbishments prior to sending it to a paint shop in Piteå in the spring of 2013.

Once the aircraft returned to Porjus it was prepared for its airworthiness approval. On 20 June, six months after the arrival in Porjus, JA9774 took off as SE-HVJ from the Porjus heliport, piloted by Magnus Fridh.

Just as planned, the helicopter will be stationed at Kvikkjokk base, where Fiskflyg has just built a booking office. Except for the left-side sliding door SE-HVJ has been made practically identical to its new sister ship SE-HVI.

The helicopter expands Fiskflyg’s fleet from six helicopters to seven. The current fleet consists of two Long Rangers, two Jet Rangers, two EC120s and one AS350.
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