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Information about SE-HVH
Last update: 5 Apr 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 45339
Year: 1979
Last known operator:
OY-HII, N9877Z
This aircraft was constructed back in 1979. It was delivered to the Philippines and operated there for quite a few years. In October 1990 the English Hampshire-based company RCR Aviation Ltd purchased the machine, but sold it to USA only a few months later (in march 1991). The helicopter only spent a little more than a half year in the US before it was sold to Ostermans Aero AB in Sweden.

Registered SE-HVH the machine was imported here in December 1991. However the helicopter was sold/leased (?) to a company in Spain for a while, but returned here again. Ostermans Aero AB modified the helicopter by installing a stronger C-30 engine. It was used for various purposes but was sold to the Danish Greenland-based company Air Alpha A/S in May 1999 (registered OY-HII). It was re-painted in Ostermans Aero's facilities at Arlanda Airport and left the country shortly thereafter.

As the only light helicopter together with approx 6 Bell 222's in the company fleet the Long Ranger was mainly used in supporting residents and scientists on the island. However the helicopter was sold to a company in the US in February 2004. It was in fact exchanged for a Bell 222B (N222LB, later OY-HIG). OY-HII was flown to Helicopter Service of Iceland's facilities at Reykjavik City Airport on Iceland, where it was packed in a container and freighted by ship to Norfolk in the US. The helicopter got the registration N9877Z and is owned by Crystal Finger Corp in Georgetown, Texas.
N9877Z was destroyed after a non-fatal accident at Georgetown, Texas, on 4 of May 2005. The pilot experienced an abnormal movement in the aircraft and elected to execute a precautionary landing on a highway. The helicopter landed hard and was substantially damaged. None of the six occupants were injured.
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