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Information about SE-HVE
Last update: 25 Feb 2018
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 2949
Year: 1980
Last known operator:
N5734X, N22AB, G-OFAB
SE-HVE was ten years old when it was purchased by Ostermans Aero AB back in 1980. It had earlier been flying in the US and UK, but it was registered as SE-HVE on 27 February 1990. The Swedish police leased the helicopter a period the same year.
Later on Osterman Helicopter acquired the helicopter. It was most often based in Gothenburg, but could also be seen in Stockholm and other parts of Sweden. One of the most famous tasks was when it carried the large "sky-sign" airborne advertise system (simply a huge number of lamps) during the annual Stockholm Water Festival for a couple of years. As the new helicopter type EC 120B Colibri entered the market SE-HVE became superfluous and it was sold to a private owner in Tärnaby in 1999. The helicopter was leased to Airlift Helicopter Sweden in 1999 and to Westhelicopter in 2000. It was sold to a private company in Stockholm in May 2001.

The Stockholm owner made a total make-over of the helicopter in early 2003, managed by EastAir. The helicopter was provided with a new interior, leather seats, new instrument panel, integrated phone, 5-channel CD player, Garmin GPSMAP 295, BOSE headsets and a new livery.

The helicopter was allegedly stolen from Bromma Airport in the summer of 2004. The helicopter had been offered for sale for a while, and this event happened as the helicopter was in the process of being sold. The helicopter, which was not airworthy at the moment due to the absence of an annual inspection, was flown from Bromma on 2 August. The incident was reported to the police, which issued a national search for the aircraft. It was seen parked next to a fuel station in Lidingö a couple of weeks later, but it left the location a few days later. The helicopter was found hidden under a tarpaulin in the Stockholm area on 28 August, and it mysteriously returned to Bromma Airport on the last day of August.

The aircraft was grounded as a result of the adventures. It was placed outdoors, without practically any protection covers at all, and stood there for a year (including the harsh winter). The Swedish Enforcement Administration and Legislation (Kronofogdemyndigheten) held a sales auction for the helicopter on 14:th September 2005. The machine was calculated to have flown approx 9 700 hours at that time.

It was sold to a private company in the Stockholm area, which picked the helicopter up from Bromma by truck a couple of days later. SE-HVE replaced the owner's previous Jet Ranger (SE-HRE) that had been lost in an accident the previous year.

New life
The helicopter came to be leased to the company Roslagens Helikopterflyg and its flight school Proflight Nordic.

The helicopter later left the flight school and came to be privately operated by its owner.

SE-HVE joined Jämtlands Flyg AB's fleet in August 2018, but the aircraft still remained in private ownership.
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