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Information about SE-HUU
Last update: 24 Feb 2018
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 109-0594D
Year: 1979
Last known operator:
(ZK-...), N60VS
This aircraft was constructed by Hughes back in 1979 and spent its first ten years in Denmark. It was imported to Sweden by the Grillby based power line inspection company HT Helikopter Transport AB in 1989. It was the third machine in the fleet. HT was purchased by Flygtjänst in 2007 and SE-HUU subsequently entered service in the new joint company Flygtjänst o Helikoptertransport i Sverige AB.

The aircraft was mainly used for power line inspections and sling load operations throughout large parts of Sweden. It was commonly nicknamed 'Dubbelurban' due to its registration.

SE-HUU was operated by the company until February 2011, when the firm was purchased by HeliAir Sweden. SE-HUU was soon adopted into HeliAir's fleet. The aircraft was used for a wide range of operations, including power line inspection, taxi flights, sling-load jobs, power line cleansing and so on.

In 2016 HeliAir decided to start replacing its Hughes 369s with EC120 Colibris. As the fleet was upgraded SE-HUU was offered for sale, and it left for New Zealand in July 2017, after 28 years in Sweden.
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