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Information about SE-HUT
Last update: 13 May 2012
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1966
Year: 1986
Last known operator:
This B1 Ecureuil was constructed by Aérospatiale back in 1986. It was purchased by the Swiss operator Heli-Linth AG, which had the helicopter in three years before it was sold to the Swedish company Laroy Flyg (1) in 1989. Laroy used the aircraft for liming and fertilizing operations.
SE-HUT was damaged in an accident on 31 May 1990. The engine stopped during an agricultural operation near Filipstad, which led to a hard landing near the ground equipment. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the accident.

The aircrame was sent to Nyge Aero at Skavsta Airport, where it was restored in a year. Once airworthy the helicopter entered Osterman Helicopter’s fleet in the same colors as SE-JAX, SE-JBX and SE-JCX. Osterman had purchased Laroy Flyg (1) a few years earlier.

The helicopter, which was owned by Scandinavian Helicopter Group, was leased to Helilift AS at Fornebu Airport in Oslo, Norway. The aircraft was registered LN-OSM in 1992, and was repainted into the Airlift livery in 1996 (as Airlift had acquired Helilift). LN-OSM was later sold to South Korea, where it was deployed in spraying operations.
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