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Information about SE-HTZ
Last update: 13 Jan 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 102-0421
Year: 1972
Last known operator:
This aircraft left the American Hughes factory in October of 1978 and was used in Canada for nine years before it was exported to the UK in May 1987. A couple of private owners in Northampton flew the helicopter for approx three years and then sold it to Swedish Nyköping-based SAAB Helikopter AB in August 1990. It got the registration SE-HTZ on 20 September the same year.

SAAB Helikopter, which was the Hughes and McDonnell Douglas dealer at that time, had the helicopter for less than a year before the machine was purchased by Nordvästflyg AB in Idre. Transferred to Idre in June 1991 the helicopter came to be used for tourist and pleasure flights as well as some aerial works and inventory flights in Särna and Grövelsjöfjällen.

Abroad and back
Nordvästflyg sold the helicopter to a costumer in Switzerland in on 17 February 1993 and it was flown there via Denmark and Germany a few days later. However the machine only spent less than a couple of years as HB-XZI before it returned to Sweden, once again purchased and imported by SAAB Helikopter AB. It came here in late December 1994 and stayed in Nyköping for a while.

A CPL helicopter student who had recently earned his licence got the helicopter as a gift from his father in September 1995 and the helicopter was officially owned by Assist Air i Växjö HB from the 11'th. It was freshen up by SAAB Helikopter and was among other things even equipped with a CD player.

The crash and afterlife
The life of this helicopter abruptly came to an end on 4 January 1996 when the machine crashed in the vicinity of Vikbolandet, east of Norrköping. SE-HTZ was substantially damaged in the accident, which was caused by fuel problems, but fortunately all occupants survived.
However, despite the fact that the helicopter was destined to be grounded permanently, this was not the end for this piece of machinery. Well it's flying days were over for sure, but it still proved useful. A teacher at the Flygteknik Technical Training School in Nyköping who had earlier worked at SAAB Helikopter saw the opportunity to get a good learning platform for the students. The wreck was acquired and the technicians to be restored the machine with various new and old components and repainted it to the Los Angeles Police Department's yellow-red colours of that time. SE-HTZ is now in a new condition more or less, but is not (and will never be) airworthy. It's indeed an honourable end for a helicopter.
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