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Information about SE-HTV
Last update: 6 Oct 2013
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 4049
Year: 1989
Last known operator:
This aircraft was constructed by Bell Helicopter Textron in 1989. It was imported to Sweden by the large helicopter operator Lapplandsflyg AB in September the same year.

The helicopter was used for various tasks, including air taxi, tourism, reindeer herding, sling loading and shuttle operations. Although the company had its main base in Umeå the aircraft was a common sight throughout large parts of the mountain world.

In April 2012 Lapplandsflyg announced its retirement, after 59 years in service. Lapplandsflyg was the oldest existing helicopter company in Sweden at the time of its retirement. The operations were terminated in the early summer of 2012. Lapplandsflyg's fleet of five helicopters (three Jet Rangers and two Long Rangers) were offered for sale.

SE-HTV was purchased by the newly established company Tärnaby Hemavan Helicopter AB in September 2012. The company, which is officially branded "Tärnabyheli", acquired Westhelicopter's former base in Tärnaby. It operates through Roslagens Helikopterflyg AB.

SE-HTV was repainted in Umeå in December 2012.
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