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Information about SE-HTH
Last update: 12 Jan 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1836
Year: 1971
Last known operator:
This helicopter was constructed by the Société Nationale Industrielle Aérospatiale in France back in 1971. The Alouette III is in fact a product of the former Sud Aviation, but since the company merged with Nord Aviation and SEREB on 1 January 1970, establishing Aérospatiale, this machine is not a Sud-helicopter as many people might think.
The helicopter was sold to the Força Aérea Portugese and got the registration FAP 9380. It was based at Tancos, in central Portugal, and was one of 24 SA 316's in service with the country's military service. The aircraft was probably involved in at least one of the African colonial wars in Angola, Guinea and Mozambique. Except for the all-military purposes some of the Alouette III's were used for educational purposes, as flight trainers, as well.
The machine was later sold to France, where it first got the registration F-ODTE and later F-GEPF. The helicopter continued to walk the chain of owners by emigrating to Equador (reg. HC-BOB) and later return to France (reg. F-GEPF), just to be sold again, this time to Spain (reg. EC-FEM). It took another trip to France, back in May 1991, and nine years in the country before the helicopter finally came to Sweden. The machine, known as F-GIQL at that time, was registered SE-HTH on 25 May 2000.

SE-HTH is currently operated by the company HeliNord AB and is mostly used for tourist flights and various aerial works. It's based in the Norwegian town Narvik, but can most often be found in Riksgränsen or Björkliden, on the Swedish part of the border. It's used for heliski missions in the most northern parts of Sweden between January and June each year.

The aircraft has currently (May 2004) gained approx 8 700 hours and is in a rather good condition, despite the fact that it's an ex-military helicopter. It's one of very few Alouette III's that has ever been put in service in Sweden and is thereby rather unique. However it has been found very suitable for the kind of operations carried out by HeliNord AB in northern Sweden. The operator has a great deal of experience in Alouette and Lama helicopters and for sure knows how to handle helicopters of this calibre. Hopefully we'll see, and hear, the Alouette III for many years to come.

Did you know that this workhorse, SE-HTH, was given its registration as a tribute to all the oily mess it spits out when flying? “HTH” is a muggy, but popular, skin lotion that was developed in Sweden in the 70s and has lived as a well-liked cream ever since. HTH literally stands for "Helps Dry Skin". I don’t think the oil from the Alouette would be particularly healthy for dry skin.
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