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Information about SE-HTA
Last update: 16 May 2017
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Aircraft Data
S/N: S.1316
Year: 1988
Last known operator:
This aircraft was imported and assembled by SAAB Helikopter for the power company Sydkraft AB in 1988. It was delivered together with SE-HTB and obtained its Swedish registration in June the same year. The two helicopters entered service with its owner, utilized for power line inspection tasks throughout large parts of southern Sweden, operated by the helicopter company Rehnströms Aero AB.

SE-HTA and SE-HTB replaced the ten-year old sister helicopters SE-HHX and SE-HIN. The helicopters were operated for three years before they were purchased by Sven Rehnström AB in January 1993. Both helicopters were immediately sold to Osterman Helicopter, and they came to be operated by Laroy Flyg (1). SE-HTA was replaced by SE-JBB within Rehnströms Aero.

The two Schweizer 300Cs were exported from Sweden in 1998. SE-HTA was sold to Finland (OH-HCE) and SE-HTB was sold to England (G-BXUP).
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