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Information about SE-HSG
Last update: 25 Aug 2011
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Aircraft Data
S/N: S-439
Year: 1980
Last known operator:
D-HDMM, 09077
This helicopter was in fact first brought from Germany (reg. D-HDMM) to Sweden by the Swedish Army. The Army used the helicopter for trials. The helicopter was registered 09077 (radio call V 77).

SE-HSG stayed in Sweden for a long period of time after its retirement as a pre-delivery tester in the Swedish Army. It served with Heliflyg AB for many years, where it was used for EMS tests and a lot of different jobs.
As Heliflyg was purchased by Osterman Helicopter in 2000 the aircraft was included in Osterman's fleet. It was modified to carry a laser topographic measurement instrument in its cargo hold, and was involved in various operations.
The helicopter was purchased by a private person in Karlskoga in mid-2007. It was leased to Westhelicopter AB from mid-2008 and forward.

The aircraft was exported to Russia in 2011.
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