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Information about SE-HSB
Last update: 3 Jul 2015
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Aircraft Data
S/N: S.1262
Year: 1986
Last known operator:
This aircraft was constructed by Schweizer Aircraft Corporation in 1986, and it was imported to Sweden in 1987, purchased by Sterner Aero AB.

Sterner Aero was acquired by Heli AB (which subsequently became Heliflyg) on 4 july 1988. The operations were gradually transferred to Heliflyg, and SE-HSB was incorporated in Heliflyg's fleet in November 1989.

The aircraft was sold to a private owner in Stockholm in 1990. It was involved in an emergency landing in 1997, but it was soon repaired. The aircraft was sold to BN Construction i Motala AB in 1998, but it was acquired by Stenvalls Trä AB in Älvsbyn a year later.

The helicopter was incorporated in the newly established company Kallax Flyg AB's fleet in June 1999. The helicopter became Kallax Flyg's first helicopter, but the fleet was soon expanded with several Eurocopter and Hughes/Schweizer aircraft.

SE-HSB was mainly used for reindeer herding, flight training and census operations. It was stationed at Kallax Flyg's main base in Piteå.

The helicopter's airworthiness expired in September 2013.
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