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Information about SE-HRV
Last update: 26 May 2011
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1227
Year: 1965
Last known operator:
A-227 (dutch army), HC-CAH, N227RA, N327TA
SE-HRV (nicknamed 'Anna') was originally constructed as a SE 3160 by Sud-Aviation in 1964 and exported to the Royal Netherlands Army. As the type was abolished after more than 30 years in service this machine was retired in mid-1990. The helicopter found its way to the US where it was converted to civil standard and exported to Bolivia, and later Ecuador.

The machine finally reached the beautiful scenery of northern Sweden and Norway. It was mainly used for sling load operations (equipped with a large bubble door), tourism and heliski.

It was eventually exported to Russia and work in region of North Caucasus mountains. In 2011 RA-05701 successfully landed on the top of highest summit of Europe Elbrus 5620 m.
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