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Information about SE-HRP
Last update: 21 Nov 2015
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Aircraft Data
S/N: S.1237
Year: 1986
Last known operator:
This helicopter was constructed by Schweizer back in 1986, and it was imported to Sweden by SAAB Helikopter AB the same year. The helicopter was eventually sold to Helimeck AB in 1989, and it was soon transferred to Norrhelicopter AB. It had several different owners for a period of time, before it ended up with a private owner in Stockholm in 1998.

On 13 August 2000 SE-HRP was involved in an accident at Erstaviken, Tyresö, just south of Stockholm. The pilot and his passenger was approaching a friend's house at low level over the water when the helicopter began to settle, and subsequently ended up in the water. SE-HRP sank to a depth of roughly 7 meters, where it remained upright. The two occupants managed to evacuate the helicopter, and they were unhurt. The Swedish Accident Investigation Board (SHK) determined that the accident, most likely, had been caused by insufficient RPM management during a speed reduction.

Returning to service
The aircraft was salvaged and it was later repaired at Bromma Airport in Stockholm. It returned to an airworthy condition in roughly a year and returned to private ownership again.

It was leased by Stockholms Helikoptertjänst AB for a brief period of time in 2007.

The helicopter, which was nicknamed 'Hackspetten' (The Woodpecker) after a woodpecker sticker at its fuel tanks, was later sold to a private person in Karlskoga. It was sold to Northern Helicopters Transport AB in March of 2010, and came to be used for flight training in Jönköping.

It was later transferred to a private owner again.

SE-HRP went through a major upgrade in 2011-2012, where it was repainted into a black livery. It returned to flight training tasks at Northern Helicopters in early 2013. The 5600-hour helicopter was offered for sale in the spring of 2013.

SE-HRP was exported to France in February 2015. It was purchased by Greg Hélico at Aérodrome d'Abbeville in Buigny-Saint-Maclou in northern France.
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