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Information about SE-HRM
Last update: 17 Nov 2018
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 2323
Year: 1978
Last known operator:
N16936, N21CK
SE-HRM was purchased by Ostermans Aero AB and brought to Sweden back in 1986. A company in Alunda, close to Uppsala, operated the helicopter from 1989. Arlanda Helicopter AB purchased the machine in 1999 and operated it for passenger purposes ever since.
The brown-metalic painted helicopter was re-painted to a new yellow colour in 2000. Despite the yellow colour the machine is not the famous "Forbo Forshaga-helicopter" which participated in the commercial back in the 90's. The Long Ranger SE-HKR was used for those shots.

SE-HRM was badly damaged in an accident at Möja Island in Stockholm's archipelago on May 13, 2004. There were only minor injuries to the occupants, but the helicopter was written off (officially cancelled in 2018). The Swedish Accident Investigation Board (Statens Haverikommission, SHK) determined that the accident was caused by the commander's decision to land at an area that was unsuitable with his experience/proficiency. The accident occurred on short final, as the helicopter lost tail rotor authority at low level during a downwind approach.
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