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Information about SE-HRL
Last update: 5 Jan 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 3231
Year: 1971
Last known operator:
This helicopter was constructed by Agusta back in 1971. It was operated in Norway during its first 15 years but was later purchased by Swedish Osterman Helicopter in September of 1986. It was mainly used as a complement to the company’s Ecureuils in heavy-lift operations throughout the country.
The machine was about to be sold to Norway in the early -90’s, but the purchase was cancelled and the helicopter remained in Sweden until it was purchased by Sterner Trading AB in 1996. Sterner used the machine for leasing operations. It was de-registered and sold Norwegian Helitrans A/S in December of 1999 (reg. LN-OAT). It was unfortunately written off due to an accident a year later. The machine had landed on a slippery (frozen) wooden helipad along a mountain slope when misfortune struck - the result was a destroyed machine. The heavy-lift company Helitrans replaced the machine with a powerful Bell 214B, the previous SE-HLE, and currently operates two 214s and a few Ecureuils.
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