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Information about SE-HPV
Last update: 26 Feb 2016
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 0237
Year: 2002
Last known operator:
This helicopter was manufactured in 2002 and was delivered to Sweden on 29:th of July 2002. It was imported by the Swedish Eurocopter dealer Savback Helicopters. The machine is the most northen based EC 135 in Sweden. It's has its own hangar at the closed military heliport in the town of Boden, a few metric miles north-west of Luleå. The nearest police helicopter in Norrland is located in Östersund, so the Boden helicopter has got quite an area to be responsible for.

Upgraded to a P2+ (i)
SE-HPV was eventually modified from a P2 to a P2+, which gave the aircraft some extra power and an increased maximum take-off weight.

In September 2012 the National Police took the formal decision to renew its fleet and replace its six EC135s, as well as to strengthen the structure with an additional aircraft to cover for the EC135 lost in 2007 (SE-HPS).
On 14 July 2014 Bell Helicopter announced that the Swedish National Police had signed a purchase agreement for seven Bell 429 helicopters.
The first Bell 429 (SE-JPU) was handed over on 1 October 2015, and it made its first official flight in service with the Swedish Police Authority on 27 October. The delivery of the remaining helicopters progressed in a rapid pace.

Together with SE-HPT, SE-HPV became the last two EC135 to be sold. The two helicopters were exported to Germany in February 2016. The first EC135 (SE-HPX) had been sold to Germany a year earlier, three other EC135s were exported in late-2015. All helicopters were purchased by Helicopter Travel Munich (HTM), based at Emden Airport, which is focused in supporting the offshore windmill industry.
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