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Information about SE-HPS
Last update: 29 Oct 2015
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 0203
Year: 2001
Last known operator:
This helicopter was manufactured in 2001 and was delivered to Sweden in November the same year. It was imported by the Swedish Eurocopter dealer Savback Helicopters. The aircraft was the second EC 135 delivered to the National Police, but just three months later the launch helicopter, SE-HPR, was lost in a substantial fire at the Stockholm base at Tullinge airfield. Two Jet Rangers, the EC 135 and one airplane was lost.
SE-HPS was stationed at Arlanda Airport as a temporary solution. It was later replaced by SE-HPU as a Stockholm helicopter and thereby moved to its new base in Gothenburg.

On the 24th of April 2007 the helicopter was conducting a police exercise at Sisjön Shooting Range in southern Gothenburg when it suddenly impacted the ground in high speed. The pilot lost his life and three policemen survived with minor injuries.
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