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Information about SE-HPK
Last update: 3 Jan 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1091
Year: 1973
Last known operator:
This helicopter was constructed by Bell Helicopter Company in the United States back in 1973. It was imported to Sweden by the legendary Bell agent Ostermans Aero AB and given the registration SE-HPK the same year. The machine was delivered in September of 1973 - a couple of months later than the arrival of two sister ships (SE-HPH & -HPI). It was predestined for a service in the Swedish national police and was initially leased from Ostermans Aero by the police. The helicopter, which was the sixth Jet Ranger in service with the police, was given the callsign POLIS 946.
The police purchased the aircraft in 1980.

The Jet Rangers of the Swedish police were a part of a vanishing generation in the early stages of the 21st century. Seven Eurocopter EC 135s had been ordered and the Jet Rangers were about to get sold together with three Police Long Rangers. One of the Jet Rangers, SE-HIM, was meant to remain in the new Eurocopter-lead organization as a crew trainer due to its NVG capacities and general condition. However, on 7th February 2002 accident struck. SE-HIM was destroyed together with a second Jet Ranger (SE-HPH) and a brand new EC 135 (SE-HPR) in a massive hangar fire at the Stockholm base. SE-HPK, which was destined to be sold, was kept as crew trainer instead.

The helicopter was repainted into a more EC 135 inspired livery in early 2004. The callsign was changed to POLIS 948 as the earlier callsign, 946, had been taken by a new EC 135 (SE-HPX) in mid-2002.

SE-HPK is used for pilot training at the base at Säve airport in Gothenburg.
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