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Information about SE-HPH
Last update: 3 Jan 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1005
Year: 1973
Last known operator:
This helicopter was constructed by Bell Helicopter Company back in 1973. It was imported to Sweden by the legendary Bell agent Ostermans Aero AB. The machine was delivered together with a second Jet Ranger (SE-HPI) in July of 1973 and was soon given the registration SE-HPH. It was predestined for a service in the Swedish national police and was initially leased from Ostermans Aero by the police. The helicopter, which was the fourth Jet Ranger in service with the police, was given the callsign POLIS 947. The police purchased the aircraft in 1986.

SE-HPH was mainly operated by the Malmö department, based at Sturup Airport in the most southern parts of Sweden. It is said to have been one of the most superbly maintained Jet Rangers in Sweden of its time. An enthusiastic and devoted base technician kept the aircraft in a vigorous condition at all times.

The helicopter had nearly reached 23 000 hours when disaster struck on February 7, 2002. It was temporary based at the Stockholm base at Tullinge airfield - resting for the night in the hangar together with a second Jet Ranger (SE-HIM) and a brand new EC 135 (SE-HPR). At approx 02:00 a fire broke out in the building. It spread rapidly and as the fire fighting units arrived a half an hour later the helicopters were too late to save. The entire building was destroyed, together with the three helicopters and a Cessna airplane. The cause of the fire has never been fully determined.
SE-HPH was a part of a dying generation of the police air unit. The delivery of seven brand new EC 135s had just been initiated and SE-HPH was about to be sold. The machine served a long and faithful accident free life in the national police. Many pilots held the ship as their dearest and some of them had practically built an entire career in the aircraft. It was indisputably missed by many.
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