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Information about SE-HOZ
Last update: 20 Jul 2019
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1827
Year: 1975
Last known operator:
N49644, A40-AR
This aircraft was constructed in the US back in 1975. It came to Sweden in May 1988, registered SE-HOZ by Wematic Elektronic AB. It changed owner a couple of times in a few years before it ended up with a very pleased private owner, living in Uppsala. He used the machine for his private purposes for more than ten years, and also leased the machine to Arlanda Helicopter AB for a while, before he replaced it with a retired police-Long Ranger (SE-HPO).

SE-HOZ was purchased by Skyline Helikopter AB in May 2004 and came be used for taxi- and sightseeing tours all over Sweden together with the Long Ranger SE-HMO. Skyline, however, sold the helicopter in late April 2005 as their fleet was about to expand with a Bell 205 (SE-JJK) instead.

The machine was purchased by a company named Brogården MJ AB and leased by the leading Swedish Alouette III operator HeliNord AB. SE-HOZ was leased in order to be able to offer more cost effective air taxi for groups of 3-4 persons. HeliNord earlier operated a Colibri (SE-JDP) for this purpose.

The helicopter was later operated by Osterman Helicopter for a period of time. SE-HOZ was operated by Arlanda Helicopter from late-2009. It was used for flight training in partnership with Scandinavian Helicopter Center in 2015.

SE-HOZ left Arlanda Helicopter's fleet in June 2017, after being sold to a private owner in Sala, Sweden.

In May 2018 the helicopter was bought by iTell Inflight AB, and in September the helicopter was flown to it’s new operating site in Marbella/Spain. Operated by iTell Inflight subsidary HeliAir Marbella. The helicopter has been totally refurbished inside/out and looks like new. SE-HOZ is used for tourist flights in the surroundings of Marbella
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