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Information about SE-HOK
Last update: 8 Feb 2013
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1693
Year: 1975
Last known operator:
N13SG, N73DH
This aircraft was constructed by Bell Helicopter Textron in Fort Worth, Texas, back in 1975. It was accepted by the authorities in April the same year. The aircraft flew in the US in approx 12 years before it was purchased by the Swedish wildlife equipment company Fjällräven Sport Equipment AB in, based in Örnsköldsvik. It was registered SE-HOK on 23 June 1987.
SE-HOK was used by the owner, but was also offered avaliable for leasing. One of the companies that operated the aircraft was the Dikanäs-based helicopter operator is VIP Air AB. SE-HOK was repainted to blue and red, instead of white, in late-2002. It was painted with some of the colour remaining from the repainting of a few police helicopters.
The aircraft was converted to an IFR-trainer in early-2004, by EastAir Helicopter and Patria Ostermans Aero. It was operated by the Swedish Armed Forces Helicopter Wing, in Linköping, as an IFR-training platform - still owned by Fjällräven, and with all the maintenance carried out by EastAir Helicopter. The military later decided to hire an IFR equipped Long Ranger (SE-HUB) from Arlanda Helicopter instead.

SE-HOK is one of few Jet Rangers in Scandinavia equipped with an autopilot.

SE-HOK was purchased by Roslagens Helikopterflyg in November of 2011.
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