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Information about SE-HNU
Last update: 30 Jul 2017
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 510
Year: 1952
Last known operator:
134724, XB474, G-ASVH
This aircraft was originally delivered to the US Navy as a Hiller HTE-2 training helicopter on 22 April 1953. It belonged to a batch of 20 HTE-2s that were transferred to the UK Royal Navy, re-branded Hiller HT Mk 1. The helicopter served with the HMS Vidal Ships Flight from August 1954, operated by the Fleet Air Arm. The HMS Vidal was the first UK survey ship to be fitted with a helicopter hangar, and it was unique at its time.

Tail number XB474 was converted to a civil Hiller UH-12B following its decommission in 1964. It was registered G-ASVH and came to be operated by a private person in Horsham, Sussex. The helicopter had reached the humble amount of 3295 flight hours by the end of 1983.

G-ASVH was sold sold to a private person in Vislanda, Sweden, in June 1985. The helicopter was registered SE-HNU in the end of July the same year. It was kept airworthy until 1993.

In 2014 the helicopter showed up on a few Swedish classified ads sites, where it was offered for sale or trade-in. SE-HNU was located in Ljungby at that time, and it had a total of 3365 hours.

SE-HNU was formally cancelled from the Swedish aircraft register in June 2016, as per request from the owner. The aircraft is now on display at Autoseum in Simrishamn.
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