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Information about SE-HMM
Last update: 14 Dec 2017
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1693
Year: 1983
Last known operator:
This aircraft was constructed by Aérospatiale back in 1983. It was imported to Sweden by the legendary Östersund company Jämtlands Aero (1) the same year. Jämtlands Aero was currently owned by the Borlänge company Sterner Aero. The helicopter was transitioned into the joint Heliflyg fleet in 1990, through Sterner Aero (in 1989).

SE-HMM was moved to the Arjeplog base in 1995. The Arjeplog division had been an independent company (Heli i Arjeplog) since 1992.rnrnThe aircraft was eventually purchased by Kiruna Flyg in 1999. Kiruna Flyg was acquired by Kallax Flyg in 2001. Three years later, in 2004, SE-HMM was upgraded from a B model to a BA.

It went through a major upgrade process in the spring of 2012, where it was converted from a BA to a B2 and got its main cabin exchanged.

Odds and ends
During its time with Jämtlands Aero (1), it was used in the Swedish movie 'Inga kan älska som vi', as one of the characters in the movie was a helicopter pilot (Stig Engström). The flying however was made by one of the ordinary pilots at Jämtlands Aero. SE-HMM can be seen in a few shots in the movie performing fly-bys and a landing/take off at the Jämtlands Aero base in Vålådalen. The filming was made in the autumn of 1987, and the helicopter was also used for the aerial filming in the movie.
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