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Information about SE-HLX
Last update: 9 Oct 2014
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 8292
Year: 1971
Last known operator:
This aircraft was constructed in 1971 and spent its first 11 years in Norway. It was imported to Sweden by Lapplandsflyg in 1982, and was sold to HB Fjällfrakt in May the same year.

HB Fjällfrakt had been operating a Bell 47J Ranger (SE-HBC) at its Vouggatjålme station since 1977, but they needed a larger helicopter for its growing business. As the Jet Ranger SE-HLX was purchased the Bell 47 was returned to Lapplandsflyg and sold to Finland.

HB Fjällfrakt transferred to a joint-stock company in 1986 and given the name Fjällfrakt i Arjeplog AB. SE-HLX was transferred to the new company.

The aircraft was damaged in a take-off accident at Kaskejaure in July 1988, and it was officially written off in 1990. The helicopter was replaced by the Jet Ranger SE-HTC in August the same year.
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