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Information about SE-HLS
Last update: 13 Aug 2013
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1016
Year: 1977
Last known operator:
SE-HLS was constructed at Aérospatiale's helicopter plant at Marignane, southern France, back in 1977. It was the 16th of only 36 single-engine Dauphins ever manufactured. The production, which had been initiated in 1976, was terminated in 1977 in favor for the twin-engine Dauphin (AS 365).

A revolutionary medical helicopter
This specific machine spent four years in France before it was purchased by Norrlandsflyg AB of Gällivare, Sweden. The company had tourism and utility work as its every-day profession, but it held a constant stand-by for sudden medical emergencies in the region. The readiness was stipulated in a contract with the National Police, which ensured a 60% coverage of the fixed costs.

The helicopter became the largest and most sophisticated EMS helicopter in Sweden at its time. It could carry a pilot, a medic and two stretchers, and still have extra room for a next of kin. Needless to say, the Dauphin got very popular with its crews and the hospital.

Utility work
The Dauphin, or "Pärlan" as it was referred to by Norrlandsflyg's legendary founder Knut "Knutte" Hedström, was very well suited for the company's utility operations. It was not only roomy, it was extraordinary fast and powerful as well. The helicopter was frequently used in Norrlandsflyg's seasonal shuttle traffic in the mountain world, with Kvikkjokk as one of its more frequent bases.

Day-time EMS
In 1992 the Swedish CAA introduced new strict regulations that called for twin engine helicopters in all night-time ambulance operations. The Dauphin was operated parallel to a twin-engine Ecureuil (SE-JET) to fulfill the regulations, but Norrlandsflyg replaced them with a S-76 (SE-JEZ) within a year.

As the Dauphin was retired from its duties as a medical helicopter it got fully engaged in utility works. It served with Norrlandsflyg to 2004, when the company sold the whole utility business segment (including the Dauphin and three other helicopters) to Kallax Flyg. The deal was a result of Norrlandsflyg's decision to focus fully in its EMS and SAR (rescue) segments.

The new owner, Kallax Flyg, never operated the Dauphin. It was stored in a hangar for three years before its airworthiness certificate was sold to Eurocopter (Aérospatiale). The whole worldwide fleet of SA360s were being grounded by Eurocopter due to the very small amount of machines still flying.

The airframe of SE-HLS was sold to a company in Birsta, Sundsvall, which used the helicopter as a roof-mounted eye catcher.
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